Clip Clop Wagon Rides & Carriage Service

If you would like more information or price for an event please let us know as much about your needs as soon as possible. Date, location, duration and event.  We need to know how many people you plan to provide rides for, which vehicle you choose to use, decorations such as flowers (weddings mostly) and the length of time needed for your event.   A driver with top hat and dress coat will accompany your horse or horses along with the vehicle of your choosing.  Prices vary according to events and of course driving distance to the location must be considered.  We do not charge extra mileage if your event is within 30 miles from our stables.   You may call any of the groups listed in the "About us" page for references.  We LOVE what we do and so do the horses.  Extra care is given to each animal as they are like family to us!  Contact us today.  We will go over and beyond to make your event very special.


Cell phone: 563-880-0663 

Land phone: 563-783-7781